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Update: I'm involved in organising WikiMania? 2006 - the call for participation is [here]. Any ideas of how best I could publicise it on Meatball? (Best to get in touch via my [Wikipedia user page].) Thanks. -- CormacLawler

I've long enjoyed reading Meatball without actually getting involved - I'm more involved in WikiPedia, studying it as a LearningCommunity - but I'm starting off now to see what I can do here in a productive or interesting way. I met SunirShah, FlorenceDevouard and DelphineMénard at Wikimania (August, 2005) which was a phenomenal experience. Sunir's a great guy, really different to what I thought he was going to be (I thought he was middle-aged and would have a beard - shows how much I know!) More to come..

No one said that was the real SunirShah you met. I could be a gestalt collective. Welcome to Meatball. ;) -- SunirShah

That's what's great about Meatball - I get welcomed on the first day of log in - by Sunir themselves :-)

One thing though that strikes me as deficient in the UseMod language is that there is no way to cancel an edit - or is there? I learned so much on WikiPedia through being able to go into edit mode on any page and see how a particular edit was done, then hitting cancel and going off to do the same thing where I wanted to do it. I suppose I could just save the page after making no changes or even close the window but neither of these seem very elegant. It looks like this is the only thing to do though - unless someone enlightens me, or until I figure it out. --CormacLawler

I find the back button works just fine - or, indeed, following any link off the edit page apart from the "Save" and "Preview" buttons. Welcome to MB, by the way! -- ChrisPurcell

..and for my next trick, I will now attempt to bang my head off the wall.. :) --CormacLawler

I'd like video record of that please ;) -- Chris

I like your LearningCommunity page, Cormac. The link to it rather breaks up the text on MeatballMission ("teaching and LearningCommunity"), though - we should find a way to rephrase that bit. -- ChrisPurcell

That's a fair point and I was thinking about that - I just thought it was unavoidable with UseMod syntax (I don't mean to be dissing it all the time, by the way; I'm still just getting used to it, that's all). I'll explain a bit more: in WikiPedia (where i come from) internal links are made thus: [[internal link]] and external: [url]. You can make either one say any text you like by adding it within the brackets, ie. [[internal link|any text you like]] or [url any text you like]. It seems that UseMod (checked TextFormattingRules) gives that option for external links but not for internal ones. Any advice? (before I finish headbutting this wall - it's starting to hurt, y'know) -- Cormac

We don't allow renaming of internal links for the same reason that we use CamelCase - to promote the building of a PatternLanguage. WikiPedia, which uses only predefined terms, doesn't have this issue.

It seems like LearningCommunity covers teaching, so one option would be to remove "teaching and". Another option is to pull the LearningCommunity link out of the flow of the text into brackets ("teaching and learning community (LearningCommunity)"). In general, the third option, and the hardest, is to rewrite the text completely to flow naturally with the new piece of our PatternLanguage in place. Don't think we need that here, though. -- ChrisPurcell

I quite like the first option the best. You're right, a LearningCommunity incorporates both teaching and learning, in short, sharing. I'm going to just change it - feel free to change it to how you'd prefer. I had thought of the bracket option but it didn't seem so elegant - I do like that word/concept. -- CormacLawler

I haven't really been active on Meatball recently (not even reading it much) but I've noticed that, when I edit a page, I am identified by something like my ISP number in the RecentChanges - is there any way of changing this, ie logging in..?

Well spotted, that's the UserFreeServer changes I activated today. There's a login section right under the "Save" button on the edit page. -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks - I'd just seen that now, and was about to delete this question!

Just discovered the MessageBoard

Pages I'm interested in here include:

BarnRaising | WikiVersity | WikiResearch | UniversityWiki | Everything in [CategoryAcademia] and [CategoryEducation] | ConflictResolution | HealthyConflict | ProductiveControversy | PostModern | TheIndividual | CollectiveIntelligence | WikiDesignPatternsDiscussion | CommunityLore | CommunityOverContent | PatternLanguage | WikiPatternLanguage | CaseOfMidAughtFive | StartingPoints | WhatIsaWiki | WikiPractices | GuestRole (hmmm)

People I'm interested in talking to more include:

SunirShah | XiongChangnian ...

Well, I'm available! --XiongChangnian



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