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WikiVeg is a wiki for all things related to veganism, animal activism, and vegetarianism. It was started on 10 May 2005 by ZachAlexander.

URL: http://www.wikiveg.org/

License: Currently the license is a DualLicense?, CC AttributionShareAlike? and GFDL. My idea was that (1) this could be the best thing long term, since it gives us greater "export" flexibility, and we might not need a whole lot of "import" flexibility. Also, (2) we would always be able to simplify to a single license (among those two) if it became clear that was the best thing to do, since we wouldn't need to relicense any old content (it already being under the license). Can anyone check my logic on this one?

Purpose: I intended this wiki to not just be a source of veg*n/animal information, i.e. not just a free vegan encyclopedia, but basically a supplement/replacement for the entire veg*n part of the internet. For more on what I mean, see WikisAsVillages.

A similar wiki in German is VeganWiki by TimHeil?, who has also been contributing to WikiVeg.


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