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marketroid for something which uses a Microsoft OS.

Major flavors are:

Win9x and Windows ME (Millennium Edition) designed for consumer desktops. Run DOS with a GUI shell.

Windows NT and 2000 designed for business desktops and marketed for servers. Does better on the desktop than the DOS based OSes.

Windows CE - WinCE a hacked down version for embedded/small devices. Currently losing in a big way to PalmOS.

Actually, as I understand it, WindowsPowered is the new name for WindowsCE?, once they figured out that people were calling it WinCE. I could be wrong, and most people I know still call it WinCE. They think it's a good name for it. --Dave Jacoby

A recruiter recently insisted I use "Powered by Windows NT and SQL server" on my resume. I editted it back to something more reasonable - but the phrase is out there. Personally I preferred the web pages people used to put up "Powered by notepad". Honestly, I can't believe they didn't realize people would WinCE when they heard about it. Windows Consumer Electronics. Windows Not There. Windows Nice Try. --ErikDeBill


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