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WorkNet is a term coined by BillMollison, co-creator of the PermaCulture movement.

Although there is no hard definition of what a WorkNet is, some aspects are clear:

There are similarities to the concept of OnlineCommunity, but a WorkNet doesn't imply online communication and it main focus is to produce actual change in the real world.

-- HelmutLeitner

Is it a group? Or a movement?

Don't know. I think it's a pattern somewhere in between: workgroup, project, organization, initiative. A workgroup seems to describe a defined group of individuals, which it is not. A project has a goal and a budget, which it has not. An organization is a legal and financial actor, which it is not. An initiative is something with no structure defined, while worknet describes a structure to collaborate.

Consider also: TomAtlee?, StoryCology? project: http://storyfieldconference.com/SFC-Atlee-Storycology.html

Founding idea is that the story can be the fundamental unit of organizing, and has a sort of "overriding" nature influencing autonomous individuals as well as entire hierarchies of individuals. The new part of the idea is collaborative open development of the story, and more explicit thinking and modeling of the story.

The story may be fundamental, indeed. BillMollison is a great story teller, living most of his life in the Tasmanian bush his autobiographical book "Travel in Dreams" reads like a mix of 19th century Alaska pioneer story and ... don't know how to describe it. Anyway a galaxy distant from any aestetical eco-freaking.

I don't mean to distract from an exploration of the study of WorkNet; Just to connect insights, though.

-- LionKimbro

It's no distraction, it's a welcome dialogue. Thank you. -- HelmutLeitner


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