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I run the Personal Telco Project [1], (a WirelessCommunity? project in Portland, OR) and occasionaly contribute to [Security Geeks], a computer security and privacy WebLog.

I've been working on a wiki blog at my [personal wiki] site.


I've been dissatisfied with traditional WebLogs for quite a while and discovering wiki's a few months ago was a breath of fresh air (once i wrapped my brain around them :-). I promptly setup up MoinMoin wiki for PersonalTelco.

Once I found Meatball I quickly found Rusty's WikiLog essay and was startled (though I suppose I shouldn't have been) to discover that someone else was thinking the same things I had been.

I've just started reading LawrenceLessig's book and am finding it pretty challenging. Here are some thoughts that have accurred to me as I read (I do not wish to defend them right now, they are just thoughts, but comments are welcome):

Discussion on this last topic moved to NetworkSoftSecurity.


Adam, sorry, I saw your suggestion for a WIRELESS-COMMUNITY-TOUR just a few minutes ago. I added it to the planned tours on BusRouteDiscussion. Can you look for another 3 wikis to start the tour and think about a bus number that means something to the wireless community? -- HelmutLeitner

No problem, I figured you'd get to it when you had a chance. Probably the best number would be 802 or if you're willing to let us be long and silly 802.11 or 802.11b. I'll try and round up some other wiki's. When I get them there where should I put them? -- Adam.

I think 802 would be good. Just add the information records to WikisInNeedForBusConnections (conn. wanted: WIRELESS-COMMUNITY-TOUR), I'll do the rest. -- hl

Sorry I've been absent. RealLife was intruding. I'll try and get this taken care of shortly. Thanks Helmut! -- Adam.

Data point...for what it may mean, same order of discovery and first impressions here too visavis weblogs and wikis pax LorraineLee.

>Wireless networks like PersonalTelco may be an unknowing >gurerrilla step to reclaiming the internet.

Or a knowing guerrilla step. I like your affinity for guerrilla tactics.

>By getting >people to construct a "wireless node" in order to get >access, you empower them by turning them from an user to >a participant (need a better word, administrator?).

I doubt that a better word is needed, but here are some alternative candidates:

>"First Things First" [2] is a manifesto written by Ken >Garland which throws the gauntlet down to graphic >designers and embodies many of the feelings of disgust >I've felt over the last seven years working in the high >tech industry. A similar challenge needs to be sent out >to the high tech workers of the world. We need to >reclaim the internet and make it "the people's", I think >that community networking projects could play a large >part in this.

Diversity is strength. I myself have tried to further the occupational diversity of guerrilla movements by issuing similar calls to data entry operators [4], consumer education teachers [5], bookkeepers [6], construction industry types [6] and other professionals. So far, I have seen only a trickle of interest [7], but I remain optimistic. Rome wasn't built in a day, and I'm always open to the possibility of a guerrilla movement not being a constructive force.

>How would you apply SoftSecurity to networks instead of >to web pages? WirelessCommunities?? would be a perfect >place to experiment with this. Currently I'm exploring >implementations of captive portals [3] but really all >they do is use a browser as an authentication method, >they don't use SoftSecurity.

Beats me. I'm just an unemployed DataEntry operator.


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