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Deleted Page (broke 'DeletedPage' to save this page, March 17, 2004 -- SunirShah)

This is the guy's real name, though: PsicE? was his pseudonym. So I suspect we should keep this.

I deleted it not because it was a pseudonym but rather because there is no content other than UseRealNames discussion; there is only one backlink, and Alex no longer appears active at MeatBall.

Ahh, I see. I don't know what we've tended do about homepages in this situation.

As a general rule, I don't think we should be very aggressive in deleting people's namepages. That's the only piece of property we give people here that is basically theirs. We don't even delete pseudonymous namepages (nor would I support that). There are some namepages which are spam/junk, but this isn't junk. Alex is saying who he is and his relationship of interest to MeatballWiki. -- SunirShah

Also known as PsicE. Google:PsicE.

AKA PsicE, someone who didn't realize that we should UseRealNames.

Would you mind terribly if you did? I can see that you are, but if you could please change your UserName to be "AlexBromfield" instead of PsicE. That would help avoid confusion.

Sure. I'm new to this particular Wiki, and when I customized PikiPiki for an internal site it didn't suppost usernames, so I'm not used to the usernames mattering.

What do the usernames matter for anyway?

There apparently has been considerable discussion on this Wiki regarding the merits of identity. ImportanceOfIdentityInOnlineCommunities is a good place to start. --MikePence

What I meant was that I didn't understand how MeatballWiki makes use of the usernames; whether or not I'd use my real identity (and I do) is a different matter altogether. So I'll clarify: How does MeatballWiki make use of usernames?

They show up on RecentChanges and ViewOtherRevisions? instead of your domain name/IP. That's pretty much it. Even without those, there's signatures, which let people form a sense of someone (real name or not) as they see different comments from them and check in on their HomePage, which may have other info about them. Builds community.



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