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Term invented by RickNelson?. A social extension of PublicDomain to promote the use of PrimarilyPublicDomain, promoted by AndriusKulikauskas. In short: PD is not enough, it needs a culture of sharing, of (1) ethical use of PD (PPD as default license statement) and of (2) ethical use of PD works.

I think if this could be elaborated and established, as a set of ethical standards, it could solve the old conflict about copyright in online communities. It's another try at "soft" versus "hard", mean: we should not act what the technical and legal systems allow us to do, but within frameworks of soft, social expectations or standards (culture), which is better to let us get the maximum advantage out of our cooperations. -- HelmutLeitner

CommunityExpectations [1]


I strongly, strongly believe that the DefaultCopyright should move in this direction. Unless otherwise claimed, information totally divorced from any connection to a human being should be free to move about. This is 100% connected to my concept of LifeInText. If you consider your personal information, conversations, and works in progress to be part of your self, then it is a violation of every concept of ownership we've had in history to take it. However, material left strewn around without anyone standing over and protecting it, that is not part of someone's self, is free game for others to mine for their own uses. The legal framework of IntellectualProperty should incorporate these more physical world concepts of privacy, ownership, and the public domain if it dares call itself property. -- SunirShah

Sunir, I'm very glad you agree. It's a difficult position to support because it goes against the legalistic mindset that I see in trends like the CreativeCommons. But I think it's the practical and human position to focus on the ethics. I'm very glad that you support this! MeatballWiki is then the best place to build momentum for this. Currently there is a European Union call for a thematic network for the public domain, see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/message/96 RolandAlton?-Scheidl led a workshop for that at WizardsOfOS?4 in Berlin and now AndreaGlorioso? of PolitechnicoDeTorino? has agreed to be the lead. The proposal is due October 19, 2006. It would be very helpful to find powerful institutions and businesses that would agree to participate. --AndriusKulikauskas

Sunir, if it might be possible to clarify a bit more such as position at MeatballWiki so that it is clearly in the EthicalPublicDomain, then I would be very happy to base some of our lab's activity here. This would include the EthicalPublicDomain website and domain itself. But also we're taking the initiative to organize the architectural pattern language movement based on sponsorship and encouragement from author NikosSalingaros whose recent book ATheoryOfArchitecture we're promoting. --AndriusKulikauskas


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