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A set of [Perl] scripts which allows anyone to add / retrieve comments (WebAnnotation) to any WebPage?.

Is this an example of a ShallowPage where the link and meaning should be on the page it linked from? There are also other AnnotationEngines? -- AaronPoeze

Aaron, you are right, we see here only the top of the iceberg. Ask BayleShanks ... :-) -- FridemarPache PS.: The evolution of DiiGo and TrailFire goes on so slowly, that they even haven't reached the spirit and quality of KaPingYee's invention a couple of years ago, but Bayle has the Perl script and the permission of Ka to make derivative work, i.e. to make the user-interface a WikiEngine.

Could be very relevant to the community. But this is beyond me and into the administration and codemechanics realm. It would also be fantastic if we could stick this engine onto DiiGo and TrailFire's engines so users could cross the standards divide. Hint we say. Clearly wiki's are as a subtle as a sledgehammer. -- AaronPoeze

See also Wiki:AnnotationEngine

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