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Creating a means of asynchronous collaboration is a beautiful thing. It's organic, free flowing, and pure. It takes the form of writing on the air and allowing others to read and interpret it. Can someone continue the thought? Asynchronous... JustinLillich

Some of the points from FormsOfCollaboration may be pertinent, but I can't be sure without knowing a bit more about:

Knowing these things, it might be possible for me to contribute a bit.

-- HansWobbe

Justin, have a gander at AsynchronousCommunication + TransactionBasedCommunity and see if they are what you mean. As Hans writes, FormsOfCollaboration is also very pertinent. -- SunirShah

Extremely helpful, thank you much. The intended audience of the above paragraph is a group of students and a great professor at Bemidji State University. I feel like there is some great work being done up there and would like to add to it. I've been hunting around for some other academic wikis that are akin to the one that I've been working on there. Any help would be appreciated. --JustinLillich

Justin, say hi to M.C.! WikiSchool? has a great deal on academic wikis. If you notice, I'm slowly extended MeatballWiki in that direction (tough to keep balance with other audiences), but outside a university environment. -- SunirShah


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