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If each change to a WikiPage is reflected in a version's counter, then this defines the AuthorWeight of a page.

Trivially a version system counts at least the version update number.

For a good compromise see the SchemeWiki http://baked.vegetable.org:4999/cgi/wikie/show_page?Page=javascript"";.

In the SchemeWiki only the last 4 versions are kept online and the number of page changes.

If a database of VisitorWeight""s and AuthorWeight""s are integrated in a WikiForum, then we can get valuable insights in what is wanted and what is produced. This can be a great CollaborationBooster.

-- FridemarPache

Often on wikis, a page is so well written that no one else comments. If you focus on what other people want to read, when will you read what you want to read? You'll miss those quiet pages chasing the crowd. -- SunirShah

I wonder if this is better phrased EditWeight?. AuthorWeight would seem to me to count the number of unique authors contributing to a page. Given the quasi-anonymous nature of Wiki, however, I'm not sure whether that could be easily implemented.

Not accurately, but you can approximate it by tracking unique IPs/domains. Most authors here have 1 or 2 domains they post from (home/work). So, it should scale almost linearly. (I'm a big exception, of course. I can even read this place from my cellphone.) Of course, you're right, tracking edits is more interesting. One would want to track only sessions of edits, I think. A session is a sequence of contiguous major diffs by the same author. This will drop typo fixes and pages that are only updated by one person over and over again. -- SunirShah

See ChangeCounts


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