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BarnRaisings are a coordinated collaborative effort by the members of a community to build, raise, or improve one particular element within that community. In a wiki that could entail an extensive refactoring of a ThreadMess which has gone stale, or taking a starting point page (eg. SoftSecurity) and populating the sub-pages, or possibly even a community drive to clean up some noxious weed from all the afflicted pages (see [some page on WikiWiki that talked of some wiki-badge getting cleaned out of the system in a concerted effort]).

coordinated efforts rarely occur spontaneously, and there is no PoliceForce compelling compliance in collaboration, and though many may think something should be done few mention it (see Wiki:AbileneParadox).

there now exists a place for BarnRaisingNominations, wherein any individual member can suggest a page (or collection of pages) that needs a good thrashing, and puts out a call for others to help. Along with the nomination there would be discussion and planning. The nomination should, at least tentatively, nominate a date (or week) for the effort to occur, otherwise the nomination is just a whine that something should be done.

at the appointed time and place, we all get together and give our best efforts until the sun goes down (or comes up, depending on where you are).

don't feel compelled to participate, and also don't feel compelled to hold back until asked to participate.

Note: This page, the singular, is the repository for the process, and BarnRaisingNominations (the plural) as being the repository for instantiations of the process. Discuss here the pros and cons of nominating barn raisings, and discuss the pros and cons for a particular nomination on the other page [1].

See BarnRaisingNominations for, uh, Barn Raising Nominations.


this is an experiment -- EricScheid

Let us not forget other, human maintained todo lists: MeatballToDo, selected links from CategoryToDo. -- AlexSchroeder

I wonder, though: discussion has been slow is a weak argument, do we really prefer it to be fast? If there is nothing to say, let there be nothing said. The reworking efforts I have seen were due to individuals doing the work, sometimes nudged into it by the editor. I'd say it worked fine. -- AlexSchroeder

discussion has been slow - partly inspired by a comment in someone's diary that it's quiet like a library, otherwise concur. --es

Co-ordinated efforts, in my experience, are more likely to arise spontaneously than non-spontaneously.

This page's existance strikes me as a really good idea (probably because I had not yet found it), especially at this time when there are a few more visitors. I also like the way it fits into Helmut's recent WikiBreathing analogy. -- HansWobbe


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