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I reopened MeatballWiki during the pandemic. I need to clean it up. -- SunirShah


Some ideas

Online community

I'm doing a lot of online community management work with https://www.HuckAI.com, and I think pragmatically I can still organize patterns and concepts somewhere. Here's as good a place as any.


I think fundamentally I am still interested in the question of LifeInText, or more accurately LifeInCybertext? or LifeInHypertext?. With ArtificialIntelligence progressing and my own age showing, I have been thinking about the progression of the human spirit. We have id, ego, superego, social reality, and an emerging cyberego.

Wikipedia and the InternetArchive?

The staff at Wikipedia seems freaked out about its future in the face of AI and the changing search algorithms cutting their traffic and donation stream down. I'd normally let this go if it was any other company, but Wikipedia is not a company. It's a project of humanity. Maybe it's worth leaning into that project again.


I'd like to rebuild the site by the end of 2024. That's my goal. I just need to commit a week to it.


Rewrite the backend

AlicePurcell? made progress. I have to have a go at her code. Maybe I'll switch to doing it all in Javascript so I can use Node+Express+React. I know there's newer stuff out there, but that's where I am with my skill set.


SoftSecurity isn't sufficient. I think logins are required.


Reach out to alumni

I'll reach out to alumni to let them know this thing is alive.

Don't care?

I don't know if I care deeply if people come or not right now. I just need to write in public.




Long term

Any sets of pages that we felt needed rewriting prior to fishbowling, I erased in 2021. We can figure out what matters to us now. -- SunirShah

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