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Long term

(Be merciless in refactoring, but that doesn't mean vicious. The pages should remain simple to read for new comers and old timers alike, as well as quietly summarizing any insightful comments in the argument for future reference and elucidation)

Discussion of the MeatBall's priorities

Meatball is aspires to be a community of communities: an intercommunity and metacommunity dedicated to open and critical inquiry into the topic of "People and People and Computers and People." What is MeatballWiki's role in TheGreaterWikiDom?? How might we seed MeatballWiki for future growth and relevance?

One of the over arching goals, in my opinion, of MeatballWiki is to be here, persistent for years into the future, by slowly moving forward (see also DefendAgainstPassion). -- MarkDilley

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