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Benefits of DomainBasedRealNames

It makes it easier for wikizens to

-- FridemarPache


HansWobbe, ChristopheDucamp: I feel encouraged to use this style (à la TheBrain), because I know, you have a lot of experience with this very efficient form of developing new ideas and since CommunityWiki:ChristophDucamp has it on his agenda for 2007.

As you, SamRose are an proponent of [OpenBusiness], I hope you will like it, that the ice for this hot topic is broken now.

Dear HelmutLeitner. as you expressed your resonance with the idea of CommunityWiki:WikiWayOfLife, I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

-- [fridemar]

Fridemar... One of the reasons I am having difficulty personally accepting this proposal is that I think there are many other ways establishing a TrustedIdentity?. Obviously, each one has relative merits with respect to this one and its other options. Do you think it would help to list some of the alternatives and perhaps a point or two about their relative merits? For my part, (so far), I see no adequate motivation for creating (yet another) domain name that I wll inevitable have to look after. Since I can say that (and I am particularly concerned with creating, protecting and enhancing a Trusted Identity), then I doubt that others will see sufficient merit in doing so either. While I sound skeptical, I am open-minded and willing learn. After all, I am generally wrong when stating my expectations of others. -- HansWobbe

Hans, .. sorry, for the mistyped link, that lead to nowhere. Thank you for your subtle gentleman's hint in your reply above giving me the chance to recover it myself. Due to your engagement in taking up the ball, the hoped-for discussion has now gained momentum in DomainBasedRealName, where I'll come back to continue our exchange, after having read your newest DiiGo and TrailFire annotations. -- [fridemar]


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