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To BlameTheVictim is the ultimate cruel cop-out.

It's an easy way for someone to in one breath to acknowlege what happened to the victim, but immediately to disengage from the victim and not see the the crime that befell them as an offense.

It lets one ally themself with the powerful (the committer of the crime) without having to explicitly say that one is actively agreeing with them.

It is mean and cruel and leaves the victim helpless as if the air had been sucked out of them.

It is so cruel.

It seems to be an extension of the PowerOverCycle.

See also: DevilsAdvocate, WhatIsaTroll, PowerOverCycle

Without meaning to demean the problem this page is describing, this feels a ShallowPage created simply because someone left a BrokenLink. Is there something we can do with it, perhaps? Or should we delete it? -- ChrisPurcell

Hmmm.... I'd noticed that BlameTheVictim had been mentioned in another area, but that it would be useful to have a thoughtout description of what BlameTheVictim means. People who engage in BlameTheVictim gain a large amount of their strength from the people around them not being able to call it for what it is (this is probably true with other forms of social dysfunction, too --- see: PowerOverCycle).

This sounds like a ScapeGoat mechanism (but it might be that after reading Rene Girard I see ScapeGoating? everywhere). -- ZbigniewLukasiak


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