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Zbigniew Lukasiak

My personal wiki: [Brudnopis]

Welcome here at MeatballWiki. Is Lukasiak (Lukas) your first name? Where are you from? -- HelmutLeitner

My first name is Zbigniew and I am from Poland. Thanks.

Zbigniew, it's nice to meet someone who is less than 1000 miles distant in real world. And it's a good feeling that Meatball becomes more and more international. Thank you for the fractality links! -- HelmutLeitner

Welcome! -- SunirShah

This was my note on DoubleWiki but someone deleted it. I think this is an interesting idea so I put it here:

How about implementing the "Six thinking hats" schema devised by Edward De Bono? Here is an Amazon link his book: ["Six Thinking Hats"]. Basically it is about dividing thinking into six modes and requiring that everybody at a time uses the same mode - thus reducing the energy lost when people think in different modes and each tries to argue his way. He calls it "parallel thinking". Here are the six modes (how I understand them):

If you think deep about the modes you'll find we use them already even if we did not define them precisely. We use them by setting up some convention or by using an explicit description like "I have a feeling that ...".

A better, more detailed explanation of the technique I found at everything: http://everything2.com/index.pl?node=six%20thinking%20hats .

Zbigniew, there is also Wiki:SixThinkingHats which I read years ago (it was quite different then). The six hats where used occasionally at that time to sign contributions. When I started my first German wiki (DseWiki) in 2001 I suggested such roles, but they never caught on. Perhaps people just want to react without reflecting at the same time exactly in which mode they are. But I don't know, perhaps it has never been done correctly. -- HelmutLeitner

I never pushed this as a production ready idea - but rather something to stimulate the imagination. Thanks for the links. -- ZbigniewLukasiak

Some interesting nodes on this wiki:



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