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There are plenty of techniques and systems for brain storming (Google:brain+storm) but the idea is very simple. Write down the first things that come to mind without internal editing... a MindMap is often a byproduct of BrainStorming.

On a wiki, PostNow in BrainstormMode when you want to brainstorm. This page has been updated to incorporate a list of collaboration topics on which a few of us are going to try brainstorming. Feel free to join in.


Davies, J. [JonathanDavies?] (2004). Wiki brainstorming and problems with wiki based collaboration. Report for the Department of Computer Science at the University of York. Now available at:


Alphabetic list of collaboration topics being proposed by Hans & Helmut:

Our initial Objectives are to:


In the process we hope to make progress by creating a synergy (and maybe even come up with an acceptable definition of that word) that helps us progress more quickly than we could as individuals, and possible develop some (meta) guidelines for Brainstorming and Collaboration within a Wiki Community.

Brainstorming is a problems solving technique. Obviously, its value will be directly proportional to how effectively and efficiently it can:

Helmut: I suggest we start ranking the list of our interests. Since there are two of us participating at this time, why don't we taking turns posting our top two. Then see if its obvious how these four should be ranked and if we have an immediately obvious aggreement regarding the next step. If you agree that one purpose of brainstorming is to 'solve a problem', we should then focus on a mutual area of interest or two, trying to come up with an agreeable problem statement.

I hope you don't feel this is too pedantic an approach. I'm inclined to do this because I have found that I can always do something faster when I know the component tasks very well. In this case, I prefer to take a bit of time and try to 'document' our methodology, before rushing ahread; especially since I would like to be able to get others involved.

That's fine with me. Katherine joined, so we are three. The alternating approach is to get some kind of reciprocity which I feel is important, but it may have served its purpose. I follow Katherine and mark those topics where I think it's easier for me to contribute (all points are interesting). -- Helmut

By the way, I do not think there is any need to stop adding to the Alphabetic list (although we may need to distinguish the members that we have already considered from new additions). I just feel a desire to start working on at least one of the Interests we have already listed.

-- Hans

Suggestions or other expressions of interest are welcome. It may make sense to add an additional cluster of suggestions, especially if others are sufficintly interested to join in, since various participants will undoubtedly have different interests that may more may not overlap.

I've marked topics that I'm interested in with asterisks. One way to vote might be for everyone interested in participating to do that, and to focus on topics with the most asterisks. At some point, I'd suggest wikifying the topics we're focusing on in order to avoid cluttering this page. -- KatherineDerbyshire

I marked using #. -- HelmutLeitner

I've added a '&' to two of the topics, simply because I think they are a good starting point. I too find the rest interesting. Perhaps we will be able to handle several as we get comfortable with our approach. -- HansWobbe

I launched a ProblemSolving in BrainstormMode with my initial ideas. Enjoy! -- KatherineDerbyshire

A nice touch. I'll take a quick look at these with the objective of trying to decide how I may best contribute. I'm a bit constrained today, but should be able to posyt at least a bit before the end of tomorrow (2004-09-08). -- HansWobbe


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