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A new term for offline communities (organizations) that grow an OnlineCommunity as well. The term has been in use for about 6 months with us and seems to be useful. There are specific problems that are different from a pure OnlineCommunity. -- HelmutLeitner

Specific problems of CommunityOnline:

Pattern that organisations use to get their CommunityOn? line going:

See also WikiCommunity, EconomicCommunity, UniversityWiki, CriticismIsFeedback.

contributors: HelmutLeitner


FridemarPache: The main reason in my view is, that rarely a (conventionally) paid professional will "spill the guts" as there is not yet established a WikiNomics pay-out, not even a humble TrueAuthorCredit. And worse s/he risks to not produce enough inner institutional contributions, that would be otherwise spilled to the competition, this way spoiling the career. The ideal of a FreeCulture as proclaimed by LarryLessig? and the CreativeCommons however appears on the horizon in combination with new convertible community currencies, for which new patterns must be invented.

HelmutLeitner: A community online will usually offer paid work, e. g. for a WikiConsultant, a WikiChampion or better an EditorialTeam?. It is their job, to attract and satisfy a community, whatever it takes to reach the goals of the wiki. There may be various incentives for initially unpaid contributors, financial or not financial. But usually the myth of people working for the common good is preserved. Think of WikiPedia. One can think of a CostEffectRatio? of paid vs. unpaid work.


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