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I live at WikiPedia, but I thought I'd set up a vacation home here....

I reside in WikiPedia:New_England, but I grew up in WikiPedia:Detroit, hence my interest in many of the pages I obsess about -- and my interest in Canada. I spent a lot of childhood watching the WikiPedia:CBC during the WikiPedia:Pierre_Elliott_Trudeau years....

I try to keep the following queries in mind as I work:

--> Working on Wikis

--> Working with others on Wikis

Good pages here: EditWar | DissuadeReputation | CategoryConflict

Here's what I'm working on over there: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bcorr/new_articles articles and projects

Talk with me http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Bcorr if you'd like

P.S. I'm not as active these days as I am now working from home as a consultant, and wikis are too tempting...but I do check in from time to time...

Brian is my go-subject. -- SunirShah

Welcome, Brian! Enjoy your vacations here at MeatballWiki -- BayleShanks

Brian, welcome too! Never saw a better snapshot of what wiki culture is all about! Feel at home! -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks Bayle and Helmut! -- BrianCorr

hello Brian

This is one of the reason I think RealName are not always ok. No death threats were made. Just desperate fight to have the right to speak; till the point of overreaction (serious overreaction...).<snip> He is currently quite upset about me, because I am opposed to part of the idea. I see what he is curently doing, and I wonder what else he could do.

I just wanted to tell you this because of the information you displayed so easily initially. Again, courage :-) that impresses me :-) Good luck on mediation.



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