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A widely-recognized cryptography expert associated with http://www.counterpane.com. Credits include:

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From the bottom of the StreetPerformerProtocol, his minibio reads:

BruceSchneier is president of CounterpaneSystems?, the author of AppliedCryptography (John Wiley & Sons, 1994 & 1996), and an inventor of the BlowFish?, TwoFish?, and YarrowAlgorithm? algorithms. He serves on the board of the International Association for Cryptologic Research, EPIC, and VTW. He is a contributing editor to DrDobbsJournal?, and a frequent writer and lecturer on cryptography. CounterpaneSystems? is a five-person consulting firm specializing in cryptography and computer security. Counterpane provides expert consulting in, design and analysis, implementation and testing, threat modeling, product research and forecasting, classes and training, intellectual property, and export consulting. Contracts range from short-term design evaluations and expert opinions to multi-year development efforts. E-mail: mailto:schneier@counterpane.com

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