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This category contains all things to do with cryptography and its surrounding issues and applications. Click on the title to see the pages in this category.

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Old discussion on cryptological words

Perhaps y'all should review the pages that I selected to make sure that I a) didn't miss anything; b) didn't include something that doesn't belong; c) should have created other categories like CategoryComputerSecurity? or CategoryInformationSecurity? or CategoryPrivacy?. -- SunirShah

Are you sure "cryptology" is the word you're looking for? Pulling down the evil CryptoNaut bible, AppliedCryptography by BruceSchneier:

The art and science of keeping messages secure is cryptography, and it is practiced by cryptographers. Cryptanalysts are practitioners of cryptanalysis, the art and science of of breaking ciphertext [...] The branch of mathematics encompassing both cryptography and cryptanalysis is cryptology and its practitioners are cryptologists. (page 1)

I think MeatballWiki is concerned with crytography, which is the practical application, rather than the mathematical foundations or code-breaking. -- StephenGilbert

How isn't MeatballWiki concerned with "code-breaking"? We spend a lot of time talking about failure modes of security protocols. -- SunirShah

That's not "code-breaking" in the sense of cryptoanalysis, which is trying to break encryption alogrithms themselves. But that's besides the point, which is this: of the three words, "cryptography" is the one that matches what the category seems to be about. "Cryptology" is primarily about math. -- StephenGilbert

You're right. Since you complained, you get to do the honours. ;) By the way, may I suggest that you submit the changes as minor edits? You didn't for CategoryWikipedia, and it ended up flooding RecentChanges. --ss

Certainly. My apologies; as a Wikipedian, I'm used to a flooded RecentChanges. :) -- StephenGilbert

Oh, I guess it's too late. I liked the old name; I was interpreting it not as anything technical, but as a more general topic of "things having to do with secrets" (based just on the root of the word). That seemed to be more useful for the general discussions we have here (i.e. it encompasses things like CryptoNaut). -- BayleShanks


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