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CollaborationByAnnotation is a new form of collaboration, where the contributions of the contributors appear to be scattered all over the Web on distinct webpages. When surfing the Web with an installed annotation-plugin, pages that are annotated, contain marked text. As soon as the mouse moves over such text, a popup window shows up with annotations, where you can add your own contribution. When the annotation popup window was created by yourself, you can delete or edit it. Besides that you can mark unmarked text and create a new annotation.

Example: The DiigoService allows such annotations, but is still not yet fully developed into a WikiAnnotationServer?. Here is a copy of an annotation of (work in progress)


as soon as the DiigoAnnotationSystem? is a WikiEngine

    * all underlined text is clickable and
    * each annotation can be retrieved by its annotation topic (e.g. this annotation and peer additions can be addressed as CollaborationByAnnotation)

The BottomLine? tags each annotation.


   1. DiiGo+SocialAnnotation+SocialBookmarking+SocialClipping?+StickyNote?+WebHighlighting?
   2. Google

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DiiGo: [1] Google: [2]


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