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CommunityIdentity vs IndividualIdentity?

There exists much discussion on IndividualIdentity? on MeatballWiki, but there is very little on CommunityIdentity. What does it mean for a community to have an identity? What does it take for a community to have an identity, as distinct from not having an identity other than characteristics of where to find it or what it is called? If I said I was a slashdotter does that distinguish me from a kfiver? If I said I was an [insert nationality] does that make me different from someone that simply resides in, hails from, or occasionally visits [that nation]? What about individuals that submerge their individuality under their community identity, becoming (eg) an Anonymous American.

did a search for "identity" and found ~60 pages, of which ~25 pages discuss the nature of identity and its issues, and of which maybe one or two are specifically to do with the concept of communities having an identity. I've tagged those 25 with a new category label: CategoryIdentity

Thanks ever so much! That was incredibily useful. -- SunirShah

Yep, at first I wasn't very interested in your "let us all be aware of our own meatball community and talk about it" approach (my interpretation, of course, typical for a sarcastic European, perhaps?). But the longer I think of it, there usually is some attracting force pulling a community together, canceling the centrifugal forces of ever more particular interests. And naming these attracting forces, knowing them and fostering them might be something worthwhile. Of course it has some GroupThink quality, but I hope it is the "group binding" or "group building" quality I am noticing, not the pathological supression of dissent. So therefore, please don't stop exploring this. ^_^ -- AlexSchroeder


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