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WikiGateway is a library of functions which allows you to act as a client to a wiki website, executing operations like getPage, putPage, and getRecentChanges. WikiGateway translates your requests into the idiosyncratic HTML form interfaces of various popular wiki servers. Basically, it does Wiki I/O and import/export.

It can be used either as a Perl module or as a web service providing XmlRpcToWiki.

Currently it only works with UseMod and MoinMoin, but contributions to make it work with other wikis are welcome.

Potential applications

See [InterWikiSoftware:WikiGatewayMotivation] for motivation, and [InterWikiSoftware:WikiGatewayGeneralDiscussion] for discussion, including security implications.

Present Work

Email Lists

For general discussion of InterWiki stuff:

For users of WikiGateway:


LionKimbro is helping BayleShanks test his system, by running it himself, and trying it out from different systems.

Please join us!


WikiGateway partially supports Atom. That is, it allows a third party to set up a gateway server which effectively allows users to read and modify a wiki via the Atom protocol. All without touching the code of the WikiEngine or even having access to its server.

See [InterWikiSoftware:AtomGateway] for details. See [AtomWiki:AtomWikiGateway] for a demo.

Command-line wiki client

There is a command-line frontend to WikiGateway in progress. Actually, it seems to work, but unit tests and documentation haven't been written yet.


			wikiclient --type=usemod1 read MeatBall:SandBox
                        wikiclient --type=usemod1 read http://meatballwiki.org/wiki:SandBox
			wikiclient --type=usemod1 write http://interwiki.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl:SandBox	     
			wikiclient --type=usemod1 rc MeatBall
			wikiclient --type=usemod1 allpages http://interwiki.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl

Information to be read/written is read from STDIN/printed to STDOUT. Note that InterMap monikers can be used as shortcuts for URLs. An optional UseMod style InterMap file is needed for this.

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