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I am dabbling in the Squeak dialect of smalltalk and was thusly introduced to the wiki concept. I am now a wiki addict! I have set up a wiki (UseMod variant) at my employer and am preaching the virtues of wiki to my fellow employees. It is running on a NT server; everything works except for diffs - I finally got diffs working both at work and on my own machine. I finally got UseMod running on my laptop using the free Xitami server software. (I couldn't get Apache and UseMod working together; must be some configuration issue I overlooked) I am using the wiki on my laptop as a journal, PIM, collector of ideas, etc. I purchased "Wiki Way, Quick Collaboration on the Web" by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham a month ago and found it very useful. I even picked up a book on Perl and started reading it!

I also am running a Swiki at work and Eddie Edward's WikiServer at home. My comparison of these wiki clones is as follows.

Use Mod Advantages

Swiki Advantages

WikiServer Advantages




I think I'll join Sunir by starting my online DaveRafteryDiary - I've moved this to a private wiki on my PC

This was before I knew the differences between UseMod and Meatball :-)

In order to try out subpages let's make one for /SqueakSmalltalk

Welcome to Meatball! The subpage feature is disabled on the Meatball wiki--it doesn't really fit the local community. Otherwise, this wiki is pretty much a standard UseModWiki implementation. Another wiki worth considering is TWiki at http://www.twiki.org/ --it has a different feel and feature-set, but some people like it very much. (I'd like you to check out the rest, and then use the best. :-)

As for Squeak, I loved the idea, but I finally just couldn't live with the lack of modern GUI widgets. Still, it was a fun way to learn about Smalltalk. I hope to try out Ruby [1] [2] sometime soon--it seems to have a good mix of the purity of Smalltalk with the practicality of Perl. --CliffordAdams



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