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DavidForrest is interested in CollaborativeCriticism and wrote a patch to UseModWiki to experiment with it: [CriticalResponse] (sadly named PikiPiki, initially)

Welcome, David! Not to be confused with PikiPiki or PikiePikie, I presume. ;-) -- ScottMoonen

Thanks, and Drat! PikiPiki seemed like such a nice name for it. Maybe I'll go for PickyPicky? -- DavidForrest

Why not drop this sad WikiWiki meme and call it something deeper like Critical Response or Second Thought or Doubletake? -- SunirShah

CriticalResponse should work. It would be nice for different communities to be able to set the system up around an author or body of work, and perhaps do searches like Google:Doubletake+Al+Franken, Google:PikiPiki+David%20Brin, Google:CollaborativeCriticism+Maureen+Dowd, Google:CriticalResponse+State+of+the+union, or Google:PickyPicky+Ann+Coulter to find the CollaborativeCriticism community. -- DavidForrest

A current example: http://drf5n.freeshell.org/CriticalResponse.cgi?StateOfTheUnion2004

After watching RecentChanges for a while, I read about VisitorRole, GuestRole, and CommunityMember. I hope I haven't stepped out too far. I guess I felt my role was as OccasionalContributor, since I've known and wandered around here, usemod and wiki for a while, but get tied up in other things. I appeciate that there are CommunityMembers that maintain the spirit of this and other wikis, but I haven't had the time to devote enough attention to wikis to build any reputation nor expect favors. Since it is entirely likely that my mind will wander elsewhere, please know that I view my contributions here and at other wikis as half-baked gifts given freely, and you are certainly welcome to edit things as you like.

Back on my current CollaborativeCriticism kick, I was thinking about scaling, and a WikiLifeCycle, and figured that, potentially, wikis for CollaborativeCriticism might emerge around separate bodies of work. I don't think that one wiki to serve them all would scale well to all the political and journalistic arenas that deserve some cool criticism that often gets lost in the heated criticism of the BlogoSphere. KatherineDerbyshire's comments near the bottom of BlogoSphere are very good; I'd like to use a wiki to distill the in-depth analysis that emerges in WebLogs. Creating wikis with the purposing of providing CollaborativeCriticism of politicians or journalists seems like a workable method of PoliticalAction.



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