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David Meyer, Takarazuka, Japan

Husband, father, security auditor, and cyberspace wanderer. Every interesting piece of technology that I discover is always at least five years past its prime.

Bulletin Board

"Pin" messages for me below.
Hello David, welcome at MeatballWiki! Many thanks for your help against this talk pages spam -- MarkusLude

Hi, Markus, and thanks for the welcome. Though I've know of Meatball's existence for years, it's only recently that I've looked around much. It's a truly fascinating place, though I guess it is now in the twilight decline that most online communities eventually go through. Wish I'd visited a few years ago when the community was more active.

Is the flood of WikiSpam always as torrential as it is now, or did I just arrive at a bad time?

-- DavidMeyer

Every now and then there a somewhat bigger spam run happening. One problem at the moment with the spammed talk pages are the broken links, and many may have a problem cleaning up such pages. -- MarkusLude

Hello David, I finally found the cause for the problem with editing the RecentVisitors page. -- MarkusLude


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