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Be aware, I always post from German IPs, not this fake "MarkusLude" from

I'm from Tuebingen, south-west germany.

In early summer 2007 I took over the UseMod project from CliffordAdams and a few months later I started to help with administrating the server.


Lurking here from time to time...

Markus, welcome and thank you for reverting the spammed pages. -- HelmutLeitner

Hallo Markus. MattisManzel

November 4, 2004 Thank you so much for reverting the spammed pages! -- SunirShah
Oh, many thanks --MarkusLude
And again. Thanks so much! -- SunirShah

October 9, 2005 That is a stunning amount of page reverts. Many, many thanks. -- ChrisPurcell

October 9, 2006 For another good job reverting spam. Incidentally, happy anniversary for the last BarnStar ;) -- ChrisPurcell


MarkusLude: Please help. I lose too much energies with the "anon" dialogue. Is there some one-button Spam reversal to trusted members? Really One-Button .... based on password-protected admin session access -- fp

Markus, the thank you appears to be equally distributed on both sides :). Thank you. -- fridemar

Markus, again my thank you for your garbage collection and especially to aggregate some scattered dialogue tries on the Wiki homepage of the attacker JohnPhilip (hey John, not very nice of you to steal again lifetime of Markus). Today I couldn't help, due to my tax-declaration and a defunct printer, which forced me to drive to the next bigger town. -- Fridemar


Thank you for your continuing struggles with this antiquated hardware. I am reminded just how badly an upgrade is needed with each and every edit I do, since the lack of memory also seems to be what is necessitating that I add my Username each and every time. (At least I'm unlikely to forget my ISP ID since I also have to fix each edit after I forget to add my name) -- HansWobbe

As the problem with the lost username is quite old I don't know the cause. It may be the low resources on the server or some changes to the script. I hope I get some time next days to have a closer look at this. Unfortunately I was quite busy during last weeks -- MarkusLude

Markus... Thanks for keeping this in mind. I believe that getting the server back up to a reliable level of performance should be the real priority, but I do appreciate that someone is at least aware of the smaller issues such as this "dropped Username" matter. -- HansWobbe.

Hi, Markus. Thanks for the welcome. It seems like your main role here is to be the first line of defense against assholes, and from everything I've learned outside Meatball that's usually a thankless task. Well, you have my thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing you in action if an when we have get a troll problem, an to getting to know you better in general. --NathanielThurston

Haven't been around MB for a while. Didn't we used to have protection against link spam? Looks like it's not working, anyway :) -- ChrisPurcell

HelmutLeitner 2022-01-05: Thank your for contacting me on http://www.wikiservice.at/dse/wiki.cgi?HelmutLeitner . Thank you for your dmoain hint. DseWiki has been quiet for a lang time, kind of piece in a WikiMuseum?, so I prepared dropping the domain registration and put it back to the subdirectory environment, that always existed in parallel. What do you think about DseWiki? -- Helmut



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