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20080325.20101108.20121001.20210418 -- very much involved in developing a means of manipulating Artifacts. Presently I have collected literally a million or more of them. One of my indexes contains over 60000 entries. I am inventing a scheme to store, using MeaningfulNames? each of them so they may be found, if locally reachable, regardless of where they are stored in the filesystem or other storage methodology.




DonaldNoyes -- Tue Oct 2 05:08:22 2012

I am consuming about one-half my time currently with the task of the manually collecting and naming over a hundred thousand artifacts in my first raw repository. I passed the 64,700 mark on 20080504 ). How I am doing this involves a few tricks and the exploitation of certain processes built into programs already existing and useful in the Infrastructure of Microsoft, Linux, Android, and other OperatingSystems?. I intend later to make more direct and deliberate use of techniques within a series of programs created with names prefixed by "Nys".

It is related to pervasiveComputing to the extent that if a human generates, uses or manipulates it, it is an artifact, whether utilizing a camera, a scanner, a laptop, a cellphone or other mobile device, a wristwatch or some other IntelligentComputerDevice?.

I am willing to discuss this more fully at any time. -- DonaldNoyes2010110803255 CentralTimeZone? USA (<--This is a WhoWhenWhereIdStamp? [with the where limited to the time zone CST which is <minus 5 hoursGMT )

What is the relationship between a HyperArtefact? and a meme? Is the HyperArtefact? the form in which memes live in the "hyperspace"? -- HelmutLeitner

I am developing ways to demonstrate Artifacts of the particular type WikiPages, via a developing program I call NoteInfo?2011. Basically Artifacts are things created by or looked upon and valued by humans, They are and can be useful via a HyperLinkingSchema?.

DonaldNoyes -- Tue Oct 2 05:12:39 2012

What's a HyperArtifact?? That sounds like it could be really interesting. Is it related to PervasiveComputing? -- SunirShah

A HyperArtifact? is to the HyperUniverse? what an object is to java -- i.e. every artifact is to have a name by which it is accessed, stored, viewed and handled. it is not just what I have previously called HyperWords?, HyperSentences?, WikiWords and other CompoundWords?) is to be included under a much broader umbrella.

It is presently being presented even though not understood as a continuing work NotDoneInOneDay?, and considered by many c2WikiZens as a PrivateLanguage?, blahblahblah, WoodenLanguage?, a pipeDream and a confusing concept, which is far more than I had expected.

That it received any notice at all indicated at least a grasp of idea, if not the valuing of it. The idea behind Artifacts starts with three important emphatics:

 1) Artifacts are the stuff created, managed and made useful by humans.
 2) They can be and should be collected, rated, and made available (reachable) for use by humans.
 3) How they are structured and the methods used to manipulate them should be flexible, easy-to-use, and should tend toward increasing usefulness.

DonaldNoyes -- Sun Apr 18 14:37:09 2021

20210418.DonaldNoyes - It has been quite a while since I last visited this wiki, I am glad to see it is now online.

SunirShah -- Sun Apr 18 19:02:07 2021

Donald, it's nice to see you again. How has your effort to organize all that information progressed in the past decade?

DonaldNoyes -- Thu Sep 23 12:34:10 2021

Moving Full Speed - Using the following tools:

  NysLte? - a linked text editor - programmed in the 6th most popular language:  VisualBasic?
  WardCunningham's FederatedWiki? (Localized) localhost version using ports starting at 9200 to 9299
                   FederatedWiki? (Internet) centroid - http://don.noyes.asia.wiki.org
  Using MassiveStorage? - drives from 1TB to 12TB - files in the millions

Plan to be Active in this space - topics may include OrganizingYourStuff ListeningToLearn? ThinkingOutLoud? CategoryCollectives? ArtifactsAndArtifactories? - and many more.

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