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is a subcategory of OfflineCommunity?. Emerging EconomicCommunities? must have online components but they are rooted in the offline world, and do not enjoy any of the existential glow or playful innocent nature of OnlineCommunities. Economic success is a SuperordinateGoal, and therefore the main focus must be the Community.

The orginal economic community arose in Europe (mainly Great Britain) with the SuperordinateGoal of the Capitalist Revolution (this is not a Marxist argument...just a good term for that historical period). An EconomicCommunity is a community of individuals who come together to more effectively provide goods and services to individuals and communities, for the benefit of the consumers (lower prices), and the EconomicCommunity (in terms of profitability, financial stability and ability to expand it's production capability)

...however a single EconomicCommunity of small size could potentially provide goods and services to a small or large number of individuals or communities, depending on the particualr industry. Therefore a MetaEconomicCommunity? may develop to discuss the OptimalScale? for each industry the members' communities are inlvolved in.

Developed by JeremyZimmer, ...


It seems that you start writing about offline communities that go online. For a while we (in the German wiki community) are now using the term CommunityOnline to contrast this to the - as you call it "playful innocent" - pure OnlineCommunity. Online => Community and Community => Online are two movements that seem bound to meet culturally. -- HelmutLeitner



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