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A human being, non-profit administrator, organizer, and musician located in California.

Web: http://www.itribe.org

Email: mailto:jeremy@itribe.org

Wiki: http://www.seedwiki.com/page.cfm?wikiid=5040&doc=iTribe and http://www.seedwiki.com/page.cfm?wikiid=5121&doc=FaithInAction

I am very new to online communites, and the scope of wiki as a medium is overwhelming. I have had number of interests and ideas on the subject prior to discovering wiki, and I'm beginning to wonder how many are already being developed or implemented. If anyone has pointers to where i could find groups involved in any of these activities it would be appreciated...


My Interests



EconomicSolution - I'm open to suggestions for reclassifying what I wrote here, please let me know where it gets moved to.

CommunityOnline - Thank you, Helmut. This seems like the best category for what i'm working on.

My non-Meatball related interests will be posted on my website or on my wiki... see above.

What an amazing place this is...situated in an equally amazing world. I can't believe it took me this long to discover TheWikiWay.

Insert comments hereish

Jeremy, welcome. I'll try to give some pointers and hope that others will fill the void.

thanks, very helpful. especially creativecommons, i can't believe i hadn't found that before, especially because i have been thinking about that indepedently of online communities and just didn't make the connection.---4/09/04

About creating online communities: issues shouldn't depend on the WikiEngine used. You will find a lot of useful information here: WikiCommunityBuilding, BarnRaising, WikiLifeCycle, SoftSecurity or StartingPoints.

i've spent a little time reading up on those categories and i love the ideas here, especially SuperOrdinateGoals?. Inspired into systems thinking by my college experience (i spent two years in an MIS type program, got disgusted with the capitalist and self serving nature of the program and the courses, currently finishing in Sociology), i have spent the past year wondering how many other people there must statistically be in the world thinking along the same terms as i was, and it turns out i was a few years behind the cutting edge that is meatball.---4/09/04

Graphical and animated interfaces aren't very popular among wiki developers, because they don't merge well with wiki simplicity (or perhaps because they are just difficult to create and maintain in a browser-independent way). I think you are on your own. Perhaps CategoryUncommonWikiTechnology, CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology.

For licenses you could look into CreativeCommons: they currently offer 11 licences to fill various needs, just answer a few questions. -- HelmutLeitner

Jeremy, the best way to design a user interface is with crayon. Draw it, scan it, post it! -- SunirShah

http://itribe.org/introduction.txt - a brief explanation
there it is, i wish i could explain it better --Jeremy

Jeremy, thank you for joining. Based on your and my GoalStatement, I am ready to join forces with you and all the likeminded peers here to realize the community-based financial independence declaration. As my contribution I invite all interested peers to a new idea: DomainsWiki. If this idea is not new, I am happy to collaborate with such an existing special interest community. -- FridemarPache



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