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CRIT Mediator

A now-defunct WebAnnotation project by KaPingYee of the ForesightInstitute. Was at crit.org. (WARNING: As of late 2004 crit.org points to an adult site.)

You can temporarily get the main part of the software here: [crit-0.9.2.tar.gz] Link currently 2006/11/06 defunct, but [this one] works.

(one small patch I made is here: [cgi_query_links_in_etext.diff]; see AnnotationWikiIssues for a description of it)

Here is one nonessential bit of the software: [critmail.tar.gz].

All of these download links will probably go dead sometime in the summer of '03.

Offered threaded annotations, email notification, thread visualization, and other features.

FridemarPache proposed that CritLink allowed the following benefits to wiki.

I like WikiControlOfCritLink? the best of some of the above options; I would like to use CritLink to essentially carry on a wiki-style discussion around arbitrary pages on the web. Yes, TransClusion does this, but i would like to see discussion notes come up whenever i go to a web page (not just whenever i happen upon that discussion in a wiki). This could, of course, be accomplished easier by a database of which Wiki pages refer to which other web pages (a web browser addon could query that database).

The benefit of CritLink over simply having the database is that when there is a discussion about some other, potentially large, readonly page on the web, it does seem reasonable to have comments attached to specific parts of that page, rather than quoting parts of that page in the comments. Another benefit here is that if you are reading a news story, you will get a sense as to whether you want to go and read certain comments based on which parts of the text they are attached to.

Maybe instead of directing everything through crit.org, different wikis would be able to add on to web pages. You would choose which Wikis to see the web "through", like a lens (i think this might be related to ViewPoint, but I'm not well-read enough yet to be sure). -- BayleShanks

Also, there is no reason that everything would have to be based on the server at crit.org. -- BayleShanks

Fridemar also proposed the idea that CritLink allows document mode text to reside within a wiki, and ThreadMode text to reside within the Crit network as annotations.

Several folk disagreed, pointing out that:

See also CritMap, AnnoteaProject, AnnotationEngine, WebAnnotation. Wiki:CritLink

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