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See [Meta Wikimedia].

I've created my first page: ReciprocalImprovement (or ReciprocalEmpowerment? instead?).

Hi, Frederico, welcome. It's great to see someone revisiting and improving this good old wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

Hello Frederico, I see you've done a lot of work with categories and links! Thanks! -- RadomirDopieralski

Welcome Fredrico, just detected your already active presence in Meatball. Shame on me, that I didn't notice it earlier. Everybody tends to write Frederico as myself but in the case, that there isn't a typo on this page, I'll allow me to say Federico to you. Probably I share the same fate with you. Hier in Germany my name is very often mispelled as "Friedemar" instead of the correct "fridemar". Even one of my teachers, who know me several years, made this "typo" on my certificate (!). On the other hand it could be possible that the typo occurred to you, because you where interrupted to help somebody out of the fire. Typos occur very often in a wiki and everybody is happy to be able to have it easily corrected by themselves or by peers. Take as example myself, I just made a definition of TwinPage and produced a painful edit typo (by cut and paste, you may look it up in the history). So please feel free to correct y/our input on your page or in this wiki (e.g. by creating a FredericoLeva?). :-) -- FridemarPache

Thank you for your welcome (with a great delay)! My name is Federico, I'm Italian. :-) By the way, I'm a keen typo-fixer. ;-) I read hundreds of MeatBallWiki pages in just two days and I couldn't resist to the tentation of copyediting, but I won't be a regular, I'm afraid. See you! --FedericoLeva

Hello Federico, about your problem with RecentChanges: if I change the number of days and hit return all seems to work. firefox here. which other options have you chosen there? -- MarkusLude

Thank you for fighting spam


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