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For Wikis T1, T2, T1<>T2 with pages t1 in T1, t2 in T2, we define the TwinPage relation as follows:

t1 Twinpages t2 :<=> WikiPageName(t1)=WikiPageName(t2) and BiLinked(t1,t2)

Verbose: Two different Wikis are called TwinWikis iff their pages are mapped one-to-one and each mapped pair of pages are namesakes (i.e. share the same WikiPageName).

BillSeitz's network

Bill has his own network of twin pages with an embeddable widget. See:




Due to the name-sharing, TwinPages don't need to repeat the name of their complementary twin ("brother/sister page"). Instead of this, they only need to use their WikiPrefix or WikiLogo? in a uniform way. This is an excellent way to promote wikis by continuous name-recognition.

The metapher "twin" implies symmetry in the sense, that "A is a twin to B" is equivalent to "B is a twin to A".

The terms FriendPage, FriendWikis, PartnerPage?, PartnerWikis? are also worth to be considered to be formalized/implemented/used -- FridemarPache

The FriendPage relation is interesting (as a metaphor and a source of inspiration), because it is


A couple of additional points...

Hi Hans,

-- FridemarPache

-- HansWobbe

Hi Hans,

-- FridemarPache

Now we need a decent term for the Wikis who have TwinPages in common. "Sister" A cannot have a T1, wheras "Sister" B has a T2, where T1,T2 are twin pages. Therefore the autor suggests the term TwinWiki. -- FridemarPache


-- FridemarPache

New notation:' After TwinPages we insert the pseudo-icon <=>. If this usage is established, we can omit the pragma "TwinPages", because the pseudo-icon '<=>' appears to be sufficiently selfexplaining, if there are enough use-cases.

TwinPages: <=> [MoinMoin], [WardsWiki],[CraoWiki], [CommunityWiki] [FractalWiki] [GruenderWiki]

Google:TwinPage DiiGo:(1), TrailFire [1]



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