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A is a FriendPage to B :<=> A and B are connected by a chain of ReciprocalLinks, ComplementaryContent? and MutualHelp?.

Reason for suggesting this definition:

-- FridemarPache

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Compare TwinWiki


This sounds a bit like "link exchange". Does this really imply friendship? Wouldn't a more neutral name like e. g. "coupled" make a better fit?

What if two pages refer to each other in a negative sense, e. g. accusing each other to be wrong - is this still a reciprocal "friend" relationship?

While friendship can be transitive as a principle of initial trust, this is not necessarily the result in practice. Especially the meaning of "a friend of a friend of a friend" quickly loses this transitivity.

Wikipedia translations refer to each other trivially. Are all these pages considered friends, together with all the pages they are linked to, e. g. "Albert Einstein" may be linked to the years of birth, death and publishing his theory of relativity, which are in turn linked to hundreds of other pages in a similar reciprocal way. Does it make sense to talk about arbitrarily linked pages as friends, only because the persons they refer to are born in the same year? Or worse, on the same day of the year?

Thank Helmut, for your questions. This helps to elaborate the concepts.

always (i.e. not only during a session) be able to go back to page A1, when s/he reached after several steps page An. (It would even be better of course to have software, that helped to remember the navigation history graph of the surfer. This should be a graph with bidirectional edges for convenience.) -- FridemarPache

We are only scratching the surface. We could also incorporate into the definition of FriendPages

We could see each page itself as an object, as Python people do, and see pages itself becoming WebAgents. -- fp

So, this is less about a technical jargon (like SisterSite) having a vage social analogy? More along the lines of ChristopherAlexander's "centers helping each other" in growing "living systems"? -- HelmutLeitner


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