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On Meatball, known as TwinWiki. See also TwinPages, Wiki:SisterSites.

A topic at the recent WikiSym, resulting in initial work on SisterSitesImplementationGuide.

See WikiEnginesWithSisterSites

If Meatball had sister sites, which would they be?

MetaWiki was meant to do that but the codebase is so ugly that it never materialized. In a way, too many communities. I think most really enjoy Meatball's wide appeal, and we should cultivate that.

How did Meatball become a sister site for the PortlandPatternRepository when it's not offering links back? Anyway, I actually have a working implementation of sister-siting for UseModWiki if anybody's interested. -- EarleMartin

We do offer links to TwinPages via the Search MetaWiki link, which was a quick hack. But to answer your real question, Ward decided to do it for whatever reason. We decided not to because of the WikiGravitationalEffect?. -- SunirShah

Ah, right. No such Wiki page, though? -- EarleMartin

Well, that sucks. The WikiGravitationalEffect? is simply that all the WikiClones that linked back to c2 died as people were attracted to the more vibrant community on c2. Reversing the effect was a matter of linking from the vibrant community on c2 elsewhere, provided you were offering something new that alleviated pain there. -- SunirShah

The MetaWiki quick hack is really getting me down. I support promoting the SisterSites more prominently in the interface, and update the list to include some of the newer sisters, especially Gr├╝nderWiki, CommunityWiki, and CraoWiki, none of which MetaWiki is indexing currently I believe. -- SunirShah

<-> TwinWiki

<=> Wiki:SisterSite

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