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See also Wiki:FriendlyPeerContributor.

Another wider concept for a friendly peer contributor is somebody, who improves wording and formatting, giving the original contribution a better appearance. That's what Wiki:WikiMasters do. -- FridemarPache

This is traditionally called an editor.

Yep. That's really, what I call a smart editor :-) (Or the rare, good editor)

The author thinks, that it would be a good thing, if in this case the FriendlyPeerContributor of a look-ahead editing at least signed as such. It allows better tracing of changes.

-- fp

If the focus is on better content, histories of changes are irrelevant. In the context of SoftSecurity, it's important, but the principle of forgetting mistakes after judicious PeerReview seems important in a collectivist environment. Like, emphasize the team, not the individual.

the friendly peer contributor could sign their more contentious workings (ie. those that are not minor edits), and then another friendly peer contributor upon seeing that reworking and recognising it as work done good could then remove the signature. Thus the peer reviewer is reviewed.

Another idea -- first reviewer sees an improvement opportunity, does it, and signs it with FriendlyPeerSuggestion. Another peer on seeing that could then change that signature to FriendlyPeerContributor, and then a third peer could signify the third review by removing the signature completely. See also Wiki:ThingsInThree.

Further, to maintain the context and make it really obvious and easier to undo, the new formatted suggestion could be inserted (perhaps italicised or block quoted) alongside the original. The second peer could promote the suggestion by changing the signature, and the third could replace the original content with the now peer approved contribution, and remove the signature completely.

Thats the extreme case though -- if the improvement is something blatently obvious then just do it already and stop making so much noise.

The point is -- if you see an opportunity, but lack total confidence, here is a way to hedge your bet, and in the process get PeerReview of your PeerReview skills.



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