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If you see some content that could be rewritten in a better way, yet you lack total confidence, insert your modified "improvement" alongside the original and sign it as FriendlyPeerSuggestion.

lack of total confidence can be because you don't have much experience in these things, or conversely, because you have extensive experience in these things and know that all is not what it seems

If you see some content signed as a FriendlyPeerSuggestion, and you agree it would be better that way, then promote the suggestion to a contribution by changing the signature to FriendlyPeerContributor, replacing the original with the suggestion.

If you then see some content signed as FriendlyPeerContributor, and agree that it is good, then remove the FriendlyPeerContributor's signature.

Note: check the modification dates first, don't rush the process -- if the preceding change was very recent let it stand for a while (eg. days, or a week). Come back if you remember it, or let someone else find it in good time.

If you've got some spare time and are full of the good community spirit, click on the title above to reveal the BackLinks to FriendlyPeerSuggestions. Lend a hand.

Exceptions permissible. Variations possible.

You could also [simply] annotate a chunk inline with [bracketed] edit hints, and then follow the author's signature with the the friendly peers signature [possibly with explanations] --EricScheid, FriendlyPeerSuggestion (expand to clarify)

Spawned off from a discussion on FriendlyPeerContributor. This is a suggested CommunitySolution for gently encouraging refactoring... There's something about that term --CommunitySolution-- that suggests finality or exclusiveness, which isn't entirely fair as there could be multiple CommunitySolutions for a given problem. This is a suggested CommunitySolution for a specific subset of the general problem -- a way of hedging your bets while still moving forward. This is an additional safety net for the particularly nervous. --EricScheid


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