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When they marketed frozen food a hundred years ago, the professional predictors said people would never cook again. Instead, thirty years later they were growing their own herbs and baking their own bread from scratch in well-to-do suburbs all over the First World. -- OtherlandCityOfGoldenShadow, TadWilliams

I'm not really geared up for life these days. Too exhausted from last year. Plus I'm busy (or lazy). Consequently, I don't cook any more. Instead, I've been buying frozen food. Or so I realized when buying groceries today.

Apparently in our culture, especially among the yuppie set, many people don't know how to cook. Or if they do, they don't bother. Instead, they go out to eat or eat microwaveable food. In Canada, the President's Choice brand has been very successful serving an extremely wide variety of frozen food (including "exotic" foods), marketed specifically at these "Not enough time to cook" yahoo!s.

So, the check out girl said that the last time I was in line, I was on my cell. And once again, I was on my cell today. "I'm a busy person," I responded. "I was talking to a friend of mine who just got a million-dollar contract, and we've been promising to have dinner for two months now." Yeah, I didn't impress myself either.

I saw an ad the other day selling "Sunday cooking on Tuesday time." I guess people want everything good in ten minutes. Except that I don't seem to have even ten minutes for my friends without contracts. -- SunirShah

When I was a student (some 20+ years ago) I started cooking and never stopped. Typically I had little time, so I specialized on meals that can be prepared within 20-30 minutes. A frozen pizza typically takes longer. Perhaps I should stop writing lousy software and be successful writing a cookbook for stressed software engineers? -- HelmutLeitner

Even better Helmut, why not write a wiki cookbook together? I love cooking and it might work better than other collaborative writing... --AndrewCates

There was a huge open source cook book that I came across once..--LarsOlson

You may want to hunt for existing recipe / cookbook / food wikis. -- SunirShah

Consider, for example, [1] and [2].

Thanks, I have had a look at these and may join one --ac

sounds like you are MoneyRichButTimePoor?, Sunir :( -- tarquin

Its amazing how easy it is to get away without cooking these days... and it's cheap. In the UK you can get 5 small Tesco meals for £1... which is great value. The ingredients aren't bad either, although you do run out of selection after a while! If you do have some time to cook check out some recipes at http://www.mmmrecipes.com/ - Jumbuck

Frozen food can be healthier than fresh produce at times, due to the fact that they might not have to put as many pesticides on it. Freezing it, for them, means less open air travel and open air storage. So less preservation needed. The freezing is the preservation. --LarsOlson

I've found that now in Toronto, while living by myself, it is less expensive to eat out every day rather than cook at home, and this way increase the variety in my diet whilst saving time and money. The problem is that the fat content in restaurant food is too high, and good vegetarian restaurants cost too much. -- SunirShah, 2003-2005

I't impossible that cooking at home is more expensive. Fresh vegetables, rice or potatoes, some fresh meat should be rather cheap. Wheat, milk, salt, an egg, some butter makes a kind of pancakes (Austrian "Omeletten") you can fill sweet or spicy (meat, even spinache). There are dozens of Italian noodle recipes. A chicken, rice, salad (3-4 persons). Typically all these should give you a meal for less than 2-3$ per person. -- HelmutLeitner

(Warning; 'humor attempt' which should not be taken too seriously) Ah... But what about the cost of your time? Having more work than I can possibly do, I find myself confronted with the choice of working more or paying someone else to do things for me. Perhaps, if I were to ask to be paid less, this would change? I'll have to do some calculations... -- HansWobbe


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