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GeboGebo is a quite young wiki software developed and maintained by Thomas Friebel, an employee of the tdb Software Service, Germany.

GeboGebo is distributed open source under the terms of the GPL. It can be downloaded from http://www.gebogebo.org . There one can have a look onto the changelog as well as on the feature list.

The pages are all stored in a local tdbengine database structure. This makes GeboGebo really fast even on huge wiki sites. The tdbengine is a freeware database management system which is available for Linux and Windows at http://www.tdbengine.org .

The indexed fulltext search is increadible fast which makes the information retrieval a breeze.

Some CategoryUncommonWikiTechnology features are:

WikiHostOrg, an entirely free hosting service of GeboGebo wikis, has started at http://wikihost.org . So, one can start his own new wiki there and later move it to his own web space.

Thomas, is it possible to add an english tour bus stop page, listing the different interests of the site? Best, MarkDilley

Well, I did so already: http://www.gebogebo.org/wiki/tourbusstop

Added to Eclectic Wiki Tour - let me know if you had other ideas of placement. Best, MarkDilley

Thank you, Thomas



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