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Solving global problems needs a friendly GlobalBrain of which we (all hopefully) are enjoying to participate.

To grow awareness and motivation to work for it, let's embed our favorite videos into <-> http://aboutus.org/GlobalBrain and talk about it there, here or elsewhere, connected by ConceptMaps.


1 FridemarPache: How does it relate to TheSingularity?

2 NathanielThurston: Perhaps GlobalMind? would be a better term -- nobody is thinking about a planet-sized organ with blood and gray matter. I see GlobalBrain as an essential element in TheSingularity, and that to an extent the choices that we make in 2009-2010 will determine what kind of mind it will be: a friendly mind as we hope, a HiveMind, or something even less pleasant to imagine. Another possibility is that the whole thing wrecks leaving behind another dark age, but that seems unlikely at this stage.

3 NatalieBrown: (Is this the new conversational style? Apparently so.) The idea reminds me of memetics, flash mobs, chain letters, and all that sort of stuff. It's a bit like an ant hive, except in reverse: smart individual minds produce what I must honestly say are dumb aggregate decisions.

Natalie, I hear your feeling of revulsion, and I would not want to apply any pressure to accelerate the process that appears to me to be dragging us all in this direction. Samuel Adams and the bill of rights comes to mind -- it's important that all voices be heard, not just those who are expert in the art of persuasion. -- NathanielThurston

HelmutLeitner: 80+ years old and still better (more concrete, more to the point) is the concept of the NooSphere.

HelmutLeitner: BTW I found http://aboutus.org/GlobalBrain and a number of random pages from aboutus.org to be decorated by a large banner-like animation/advertizing ending in a reference to scientology.org . Is there a relationship of about.us, the content/pages, or its authors to Scientology?

FridemarPache: Thank you Helmut, for addressing this. As AboutusOrg operates as a non-discriminating, wiki-editable catalogue of millions of web-pages, having the core value to embrace them all (as long as not prohibited by law), it is no wonder that they don't exclude any ad-client. The ads are mainly Google:Adsense based. Hope that helps.


The global brain was merely a step in Teilhard's dream; What he (and I believe, we) see more deeply, is the possibility of a GlobalHeart?.

"It is not our heads or our bodies which we must bring together, but our hearts. . . . Humanity. . . is building its composite brain beneath our eyes. May it not be that tomorrow, through the logical and biological deepening of the movement drawing it together, it will find its heart, without which the ultimate wholeness of its power of unification can never be achieved?"

I like to notice RussianCosmism?, as well; There is a clearly scientific model for whom the 16th century fact-value distinction never happened. ("FactValueDistinction?" is a necessary term, but unfortunately, used very differently in different spheres. I use it to refer to the lack of participation-consciousness in the universe; the segregation of human values from facts of the universe, that is generally attributed to the 16th century organization of science by the Royal Society. Russian Cosmist thought is rigorous proof that you don't have to segregate fact and value like that, in order to do serious science.)

"All the Universe is full of the life of perfect creatures." -- Tsiolkovsky- The Scientific Ethics




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