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I'm Natalie/Nat, proud GluePerson in my usual pseudonymous guise: forum moderator, wiki creator, mod trainer, all that jazz. (That is something I'd like to do for a living.) I make a terrible newbie - I read the documentation before I jump into anything, which I recognize is very, very unusual, but hey - if it helps, it helps.

I can't link this name to my usual OnlineIdentity (whether I wanted to or not) because, in the words of that ErikDeBill guy I was just reading about, "U.S. courts seem to think that anything I type into a computer is supposed to be part of some of official record, and taken seriously in court."

But anyway, here I am.

Welcome Natalie, I learned from you via the VisitorsPage and some edits of you :-) -- FridemarPache

Hey there! -- NatalieBrown

Welcome to MeatBall, Nat! Nice spot of the GameMaker? Wiki:WalledGarden — how did you stumble across that? -- ChrisPurcell

Mashing the "random page" button, of course. - Nat

Welcome, Natalie. -- NathanielThurston

Bonsoir Natalie et bienvenue sur MeatballWiki. -- ChristopheDucamp

Thank you Natalie for barnraising. For some strange reason, GoogleSearchWiki didn't react on clicking your Helpful=YES button. I did it, and it worked only the first time by clicking on Nathaniel's contribution. You are right with Meatball is disseminating ideas/memes on the back of strategical search-terms. It's for the benefit of all parties involved. However what we did was only a tiny fraction of the barn :-) I would be very happy, if we could continue. -- FridemarPache

Natalie, welcome. Sorry for doing this so late. I visit mb only every other month in these days, so I hope you don't think me impolite. -- HelmutLeitner



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