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[Harry Wood's homepage]

I'm an active contributor to several wikis, to the extent that is has become an Addiction (see WhyWikiCreatesAddicts). Recently I've been enjoying reading some meatball wiki articles. There's lots of amazingly in depth philosophical musings about the whole wiki phenomenon here.

Harry, welcome. Hope you jump in this place and help to dig even deeper. -- HelmutLeitner

Hi Harry. MattisManzel

Bonjour et bienvenue Harry. -- ChristopheDucamp

Welcome Harry. I wouldn't say Addiction. Why not calling it WhyWikiCreatesEngagement? instead of WhyWikiCreatesAddicts. "Addiction to something" means to me: Compulsive activity in something, that consumes so much energies that other important areas of life get neglected. In this sense, I am fully engaged in wikidom, letting lead me by the principle, I formulated in CommunityWiki:WikiWayOfLife. Let's be engaged in Wiki and other Online-Communities to make us each other 'happy, healthy, wealthy and wise'. I wouldn't call this Addiction, really. -- FridemarPache

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Harry! Nice to see you here :-) I do agree with you that there is a bit of addictive quality to wiki. Something that is talked about, in my connecting to it anyhow, with DefendAgainstPassion. FridemarPache, I certainly think most of wiki is engagement. Best, MarkDilley



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