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You might want to add a postfix entry in the intermap so that DolphinWiki?:FAQ resolves to DolphinWiki?:FAQ.htm. The new format would be

Foreign http://example.com/base-url? .postfix

So Foreign:Foo would become http://example.com/base-url?Foo.postfix. -- SunirShah

That is an extension I thought of too.

And then the problems start. Is that value optional? if yes, what happens when we need yet another field?


-- JürgenHermann

I just added RecentChanges links to my InterWiki listing (MoinMoin:InterWiki), and thus I'd need another field, and that is the name of the RecentChanges page (some wikis seem to use "recent changes").

-- JürgenHermann

I'm leaning toward keeping the format as-is, although I might be convinced to add an optional postfix field. (The postfix would probably be another space, followed by the postfix.)

To me, the InterWiki-link format should not speculate on what people *might* want, but instead provide shortcuts for what people already do. There are only two proposed links that use a (small) postfix, and there are very few links to them. RecentChanges links are fairly uncommon, and I don't think full URLs are much of a burden.

On the other hand, I don't want to limit experimentation on other sites. Please feel very free to implement all kinds of things (I certainly have :-). If several users really like (and use) the new features, I'll reconsider implementing them. --CliffordAdams

MetaWiki uses the format http://example.com/foo/bar/$PAGE.html where $PAGE is replaced by the page name given. Why? Because it worked. -- SunirShah

Centuries later... I'm going to change the format of the metamap to use a space as the separator. This has the advantage of being backwards compatible with the existing intermap file format. I'm also making this change to UseModWiki 2.0. -- SunirShah

Sunir, if you did not implement this yet, could you please change this to use $PAGE as the placeholder. There are at least two engines that use this (since i stole it for MoinMoin, though I do not remember where I stole it ;). Sample:

    PythonFaq? http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw.py?req=show&file=faq$PAGE.htp

-- JürgenHermann

Some blathering has been moved to UniformResourceIdentifier.


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