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I have been developing the [Protoscience Wikicity] during the past few months and I am interested in the idea of linking that website into the TourBus system. -JohnSchmidt

Here is a link to a local page about the ProtoscienceWikicity. There is also a page for WikiCities in general.

Great idea: MeatballWikiBasicsSnapshot. Failed attempt to get this idea off the ground at [Wikicities]. I hate to think how many people try to start a new wiki and suffer through all the basic initialization.

WikiSciencePublication - discussion of scientific publishing in wiki format and implications for PeerReview.

Welcome to Meatball, John. Thanks for the link on CollaborativeStoryWriting - that page is in need of some live sites, to help us learn where the subject has taken itself. Incidentally, this wiki is experimenting with simple ways of improving RecentChanges, like DigestedSummary and ChangeClusters?; if wiki design interests you, we'd love to hear your thoughts. -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks for the welcome, Chris. I am interested in wiki design. I have been thinking about the potential and mechanics of OnlineCommunity for almost 30 years. In my view, the wiki system of allowing community access to online information is the most important advance in online communities since the [http] protocol was introduced. I think there is much need to make the wiki interface more user-friendly (for example, see my suggestions [here]). btw; I find it absurd that http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?Wiki returns Invalid Page Wiki. Meatball wiki is a very strange experience for someone like me who grew up inside [Mediawiki]

DigestedSummary is wonderful. ChangeClusters? is an idea that is way over-due. I have seen people at other wikis begging the developers to make a way to share WatchLists?. There should be a simple way for individuals and groups to monitor changes in any user-specified group of pages. Such watch lists should have [RSS and ATOM] subscription feeds so that people can monitor pages remotely. -JohnSchmidt

Hi John, welcome too. HowToForTourBusConnections should give you all the information you need for joining. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks, Helmut. The instructions seem fairly clear. I was a bit intimidated by: "Typically we expect that wiki is well established and living as a community before it is joined to the TourBus. The ideal time would be 3-6 months after founding, when you have 10-30 contributors and 300-500 pages." I have been [suggesting] that the Central Wikicity should be first to join a Meatball bus line. Wikicities has its own [local bus tour] that the ProtoscienceWikicity is already on. Also, I am trying to put together a [new science wiki tour]. -JohnSchmidt



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