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It is proposed that we make a timestamped, redistributable snapshot of some basic stuff that would be useful to lots of other wikis.

Proposed licences:

License Discussion

I don't see why this sort of thing would need to be burdened with a viral licence (or any sort of licence). We want people to be able to change this text as they will and to use the changes on any sort of web page regardless of whether the text is used in an open wiki, a closed wiki, a proprietary book, or whatever. If there is no situation that we can imagine when we would want to deny use of this text, we should not have a licence. I think we should edit the text we will release to remove anything that we don't want publicised. -- BayleShanks

While I have issues about releasing CommunitySolution and PeerReview as it stands, perhaps we could write completely new pages for release. There is no reason why our discussion here has to match what we release, and I don't think it would be appropriate for documentation purposes anyway. If we create a set of pages explicitly for the purpose of redistribution, then we could even satisfy the evil cryptonauts on this site and consider new copyright licenses. However, I personally agree with you, Bayle, that using a cryponautic license is probably overkill; of course, HardSecurity usually is. -- SunirShah

Sure, we can rewrite CommunitySolution and PeerReview for release. We just want to include enough philosophy for people to understand that the software has mechanisms for the community to regulate content. I expect the "released" versions would be pretty short, like one or two paragraphs if even. -- BayleShanks

Proposed Contents:

Contents Discussion

There is no reason why we can't edit these things before releasing them. After we decide which pages are included, I propose we edit them to reduce them to DocumentMode and to remove all attributions.

It is my belief that we should keep this snapshot small and not include too many pages with our own philosophy. PeerReview, I think, should go in (drastically edited, though), just because the basic idea of some sort of PeerReview is a big part of WhyWikiWorks. Maybe CommunitySolution too, but only the parts about CommunitySolutions being more desirably than TechnologySolutions (this is to expand upon the idea of how and why wikis are built to let the community regulate content instead of the technology).

MeatballWikiCopyright is suggested so that other sites can use it as a template for their own copyright, if they choose. MeatballWiki for the same reason (I think that page is exceptionally friendly and so maybe others would like to use it) -- we should edit MeatballWiki to make it clear that it is a template if we do this.

QuestionsAndAnswers should be edited to leave only the answers that apply to UseMod wikis or all wikis in general -- taking out the MeatBall-specific stuff.

-- BayleShanks

OK, let's get going on this; the usual "glacial" pace isn't sufficient here as other UseMod sites really should have a copy of essentials like TextFormattingRules if they want to.

Let's release TextFormattingRules and UserPreferences? immediately (or at least ASAP) under public domain -- they are in DocumentMode, they are only technical documentation (rather than philosophy), and I can't think of any reason that anyone would object to their contributions to those pages being released.

-- BayleShanks

Just a reminder, no one else has supported this motion; since we don't have a well-defined process for a snapshot release, if you support this motion, could you add your signature? I don't think my motioning to release these two pages is sufficient for it to be done, but maybe if a few of us visably agreed then we could consider it "official". -- BayleShanks

Sure, but I might consider creating snapshot versions and then timestamp them as they are subject to change as the script changes. -- SunirShah

As another motion to be separately considered after TextFormattingRules and UserPreferences? are released, I motion that the following pages be released to the public domain:

Like TextFormattingRules and UserPreferences?, they are in DocumentMode, they are only technical documentation (rather than philosophy), and I can't think of any reason that anyone would object to their contributions to those pages being released.

-- BayleShanks

moved from

I appreciate the attempt to explain the problem described on PublicallyEditableInterMapForSnapshot, I have wondered about it a bit. I must admit, I am still puzzled how the "damage" could happen. Technologically blahh, MarkDilley

Did you really want to ask this on the MeatballWikiBasicsSnapshot page, Mark? By the way, I agree with you, Mark, that damage is impossible (well, highly improbable). Cliff was the one who was concerned. I don't think that this page needs to be the snapshot, personally. -- SunirShah

Snapshot pages as they stand now have to change as the point is to write straightforward documentation not to discuss theory. That doesn't mean you cannot comment on the original page, which is PublicallyEditableInterMap (in more detail hint, hint). -- SunirShah

Thanks Sunir, moving this stuff

Also, I like the Snapshot to be frontended - SnapshotPublicallyEditableInterMap? - md

Here is a WorseIsBetter and Wiki:DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork "solution" for our current round of copyright agitation:

See also the alternative idea of PermissionTagging.



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