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He opened NoSmoke in 2000 and manages NoSmoke.

Sorry, I've been busy leading a XP workshop at a HTS/STS developing company. Now I'm back and will continue to work on TourBus. I'm also preparing the first Korean XP users group wiki site. (http://xper.org)
Messages to June:

Welcome June, I'm very happy that you joined. I'm about to leave (until sunday), so I hope the team will care for you and NoSmoke needs. Please feel free to refactor the system. Could you develop a plan for our offer to the asian part of the wiki world to be joined to the bus system with NoSmoke as connection wiki? I hope you are fine. Feel at home in the TourBus-team. -- HelmutLeitner

Dear June, IMHO - although this hasn't been discussed in the BusManagement - the place of NoSmoke is clearly also in the GRAND-WIKI-COMMUNITY-TOUR. The only thing that lets me hesitate is that some HTML-Header-Information (IIRC charset) has been stripped at NoSmoke, so that e.g. my IE - that was perfectly able to display the beautiful Korean characters - doesn't display them anymore. The effect is that I see a a lot of junk characters. -- hl

I have set the charset again -- there are some tradeoffs therein. Korean alphabets can be combine to represent a letter in a few tens of thousands of ways. However, before unicode came, they used a very small set of already combined letters on the computer -- not more than a few thousands. Modern web browsers have the capability of displaying all possible combinations of Korean alphabets, but when we set a charset as we used to, it can't display the other letters left out from the pre-fixed set(well, the left letters are somewhat rarely used though). When we set no specific charset, the browser will display all combinations. It is wrong. But we have to use unicode to solve the problem, and it makes another problem. We are to move into unicode anyway after all, though.

Hi June. I'm happy to hear your voice again. What are the news from South Korea? Is everything fine with your wiki projects? What directions are you moving? What about adding NoSmoke into the GRAND-WIKI-COMMUNITY-TOUR? Sorry about this heap of questions. :-) -- HelmutLeitner

I have recently interviewed WardCunningham and it was so mind-opening and thought-provoking. I will post it on the internet soon. It was mainly about his current works, WikiWiki, FIT, XP, values, writings, etudes, patterns, programming paradigms, languages and so on.

I would be eager to read this interview. Please give us a link when available. I heard nothing from him for a very long time. What would you think about an international wiki conference? -- HelmutLeitner

Yes, that would be good. (to read the interview and to have a conference.) -- MarkDilley

I think so too. I'll post it on the internet by next Tuesday. 1) Some of my friends read the interview and I heard they were so impressed that they read it over and over again. 2) International Wiki Conference would be great. How could we make it happen? --JuneKim

Sorry to be late but the translation is done and it's on the way of review by Ward now.
I attended to a permaculture course last month. It was great. I got a lot of inspirations for (on/off line) community, software development, and etc. I whole-heartedly recommend you to study permaculture, especially its design principles. ([Google:PermaCulture])


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