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Weltbeweger ("worldshakers")


Welcome Karsten in the Meatball community. It's nice so have such engaged people here. I am looking forward to inspiring and fruitful interactions. -- FridemarPache

PS.: What is the topic on EiKoLo?? And how did you manage to create a special mode in the Media Engine, which allows only reading the pages after having signed in?

Hello Karsten, welcome to MeatBall. -- MarkusLude



KarstenHoffmeyer -- Tue Nov 16 19:56:57 2010

Hello to Fridemar and Markus and thank you very much for your cordial welcome on this Wiki. I love wikis. They are very useful for all kinds of purposes and you can have exiting an good interaction with heaps of interesting people out there, e. g. MarkDilley who I met through [universaleditbutton.org] Cheers -- KarstenHoffmeyer

KarstenHoffmeyer -- Tue Nov 16 20:05:12 2010

PS eiKoLo will be a easily usable software (SaaS?) at affordable costs for small organisations to keep track and develop the relationship with donors and to do all sorts of tasks concerned with their fund-raising. / The MediaWiki engine allows you to do some settings to achieve this. If you are interested I can send you a link explaining this in detail. Cheers --KarstenHoffmeyer

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