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I am WikiPedia:User:Mindspillage -- most relevant information about me can be found there; note that many of my edits here will probably be hopelessly colored by a Wikipedia POV.


Some favorite pages:

You can perhaps guess that I have focused on dispute resolution!

My Wikihistory: Joined WikiPedia in summer 2004 and edited classical music articles quietly and peacefully for about a year until someone went and made me an admin, and then it was all downhill from there as I got mired in policy and philosophy. I was part of Wikipedia's arbitration committee from Oct 05 to Dec 06, and am now on the Wikimedia Board. I also worked for Wikia as community staff from Feb-Aug 06.

I enjoy informal mediation, as well as answering requests and complaints to the Wikimedia info address. It's a satisfying task to turn someone bent on hostility around to understanding and productive collaboration. (Though one of these days I'm going to take an adminbreak and go back to simply writing about 20th century classical music, really I am!)

I am also a law student in the Washington, DC area.

Hi Kat, I laughed with your "many of my edits here will probably be hopelessly colored by a Wikipedia POV" - I am working with Wikipedians and it is an interesting difference. Look forward to maybe exploring that further. Best, MarkDilley
Thanks for the greeting! (Working with Wikipedians, are you? We are an... interesting... bunch. :-)) -KatWalsh

Kat, welcome at MeatballWiki. I'm glad that you like FightingIsBoring. You are the first ever commenting on it. -- HelmutLeitner

"Ditto" on the welcome. Thanks for providing the background information. It really does help to 'break the ice'. -- HansWobbe

Thank you for the welcomes! I am surprised no one has commented on FightingIsBoring before -- though perhaps it's the sort of thing that many read and like but gets little comment? (Frustrating, sometimes.) I know at least a few people have read it after I've pointed them there, and thought it was nicely said. I like reading approaches to looking at and resolving conflict.

And I agree: I try to be a "real person" online rather than several split identities; part of that is being willing to tell a bit about myself, and I like when others do the same. -KatWalsh
Hi Kat, the transhuman mind says a hearty welcome to each other on the way to TheSingularity ;-) -- FridemarPache
Greetings! Onward and upward. :-) -KatWalsh

Todo: update and expand upon the WikiPedia pages: my teachers always told me to write what I know...


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