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Perhaps this page should just link to a WikiPedia definition[Laissez-Faire].

It seems to me that the ideas of Laissez Faire and Libertarianism are rather close to those of Meatball...

(Discussion on linking to fixed versions of Wikipedia articles moved to WikiPedia.)

I strongly believe Meatball is liberalist--because I am a strong liberalist and I try to push things that way. By push, I mean drag, cudgel, beat, drive, and do anything I can to make that happen. "LaissezFaire as much as possible," perhaps. -- SunirShah

The cute irony reminds me of the ceo (Herkstrotter) of the oil company where I used to work saying: "we will delegate all management decisions downwards and if anyone resists we will force them to delegate" the irony being that "delegation" was then the banner for the greatest anti-delegation... interference from above in management we'd ever seen. I look forward to being cudgelled into triumph as it were. --ac

Sunir, I am not sure exactly what you mean by liberalist: can you point me to a definition you agree with? --AndrewCates

Locke, Hobbes, etc. The foundation of the Westminster system of government (British). To be more cynical, I find most (net.)libertarians are really about "no one can control me, but I will control you," whereas (qua ControlYourself) I am allergic to power-over relationships. I don't want to be weaker or stronger and I don't want you to be weaker or stronger, since power differentials cause needless conflicts and friction and problems. -- SunirShah

Isn't that the idea of "peers"? PeerReview and perhaps PeerControl?? And PeerPrivilege, and PeerPressure, and PeerToPeer.

most (net.)libertarians seem to want to opt out of humanity and go live in the woods somewhere. good luck to them.


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