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Hi, just trying to learn more about Wiki. To learn more about me (or simply get confused), see http://aronsson.se/

See also [Usemod Wiki]

Since October 2001, I run my own Swedish language Wiki website, SusningNu (http://susning.nu/) which I believe is the BiggestWiki outside North America, having more than 5000 pages in February 2002, and 15000 in December 2002.

In July 2002, susning.nu has 11,000 pages. Wikipedia has established a method of only counting those pages that contain a comma (search for "," in any UseModWiki), and that way susning.nu has 7,000 "comma pages". By that count, Enciclopedia Libre is the biggest wiki in Europe, having 8,900 "comma pages". It is a breakout from the Spanish Wikipedia, running at the University of Sevilla, http://enciclopedia.us.es/

In October 2002, I also started the AronssonTelecomHistoryTimeline wiki ( http://aronsson.se/telecom/ ), which is in English and devoted to the topic of history of telecommunication and related technologies. It runs the same software that SusningNu does, the same modified UseModWiki, but in English. The two most advanced features are the date search, where you can click on any date to bring up a timeline, and the link tracking which is available from the menu bar on every page.

On November 7, 2002, I presented a paper, [Operation of a Large Scale, General Purpose Wiki Website], at a conference in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, available online since January 9, 2003.

I also recommend these Wiki websites

I also recommend taking a look at

I like your paper! (And I enjoyed reading Njals' Saga last month.) -- AlexSchroeder

I liked your paper first! ;) It's a very good primer to wikis. It covers all the bases, even those that average people would not think of like how the syntax rules can adapt to the content, and then how the structure can be mined for more gold. (i.e. the maps) -- SunirShah

Hey, Lars. (swings and punches Lars). --ss

Hi Lars. A while ago I had a multilingual try on susning.nu http://susning.nu/Multilingual. Pleased to see you here. Heidå -- MattisManzel



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